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The architectural ensemble comprising l'Auberge du Trésor, 1640 Fine Cuisine and 1640 Bistro stand on a remarkably rich historical site.  As of 1640, a half-timber house on the corner of Sainte-Anne and Du Trésor streets became the only permanent residency of the french regime in Nouvelle-France.  This house was known as that of the Compagnie des Cents Associés through which the grand venture of Nouvelle-France became possible.

Nowdays the semi-detached houses that stand on that very same ground offer 23 rooms and two distinct dinning rooms as well as a patio in the months of summer.  In the heart of Old Quebec, overlooking La Place d'Armes and Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, it's the perfect location to discover the beautiful city of Québec.